Cryo Pen is a development in Cryotherapy permitting benign skin lesions such as Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spot Removal, Warts and Verrucas to be treated rapidly as well as painlessly.

It is the most ingenious hand held treatment system that enables precise, pen-point accuracy minimising damage to surrounding tissue. Cryo Pen provides precise cooling, making treatment practically painless, fast, effective, as well as safe. It is an ideal remedy for removal of skin lesions as well as blemishes with treatments usually taking simply 5 to 25 seconds per lesion.


A efficient as well as quick treatment
Marginal discomfort
No anesthetic required
Sterilized procedure- no bleeding, no cuts
For a lot of lesions- 1-2 treatment may suffice to eliminate lesions
Many lesions are permanently removed


Cryotherapy is a strategy that utilizes an incredibly cold liquid (nitrous oxide most of the times) to freeze and also damage irregular skin cells that require removal. The method has remained in use given that the turn of the century, however modern technology have actually made it a lot more precise. We utilize a device called CryoAlfa which is changing cryosurgery with outstanding accuracy, little preparation as well as no anesthesia required.The Cryo Pen can ruin a range of benign skin developments without bloody and also painful surgical removal also we use Cryotherapy For Blemish Removal.

Just how does the treatment work?

The applicator is held close to the skin lesion and also relocated quickly towards as well as away from it for a period for 1-30 seconds, depending on the dimension and also the depth of the lesion. This cold procedure damages the benign skin lesions.

This treatment can remove 2mm skin lesions in just 10 seconds as well as is able to penetrate as much as 5mm deep. A lot of tiny skin lesions respond to one solitary treatment. Periodically much deeper or bigger skin flaws can call for even more than one treatment. Similarly, warts as well as verrucae might need a pair extra aggressive treatments.


Can my GP not remove my skin lesion?

Most of our clients will have been to the neighborhood general practitioner to request removal of aesthetic skin concerns as well as quickly been told that it is no more a service used by the NHS and they need to go privately.We have actually had lots of people contact us for this solution so we currently have the satisfaction to launch it at our Realm Beauty Center in Dundee. This treatment is no more readily available to get at your general practitioner surgery as well as very couple of locations are offering this innovative treatment.

What can I anticipate throughout Cryo Pen treatment?

Every client is different, therefore each customer obtains a bespoke examination. Throughout the examination you will certainly be called for to review your medical history as well as the lesions. The professional will after that talk about the treatment choices available to you as well as the anticipated results. When an appropriate treatment has been set, the treatment can after that be carried out. If a lesion looks questionable, you will be recommended to seek authorization from your Family doctor to wage the treatment.

When providing treatment, your professional will target the lesions with the pen. The period of the treatment is dependent on the dimension and also nature of the lesion, however normally each lesion just takes a matter of secs. A ‘freeze-thaw-freeze’ method is frequently used when the lesion is frozen, enabled to thaw for a couple of seconds and also after that a 2nd treatment applied.

Throughout the procedure, the area freezes as well as turns white. Hereafter white area thaws, a flushing takes place and also the area will certainly redden. This thawing is associated with a squeezing sensation as a weal is developed. This weal will generally turn into a blister which might last for 3 to 5 days prior to it scabs. The scab will fall off within 2 weeks. Relying on the extent of freeze, a brand-new scab might form and repeat the process. The lesion will be entirely healed in 2 to 6 weeks. After key healing occurs, the area will be lighter than the surrounding area because of loss of melanocytes. Lesions normally presume a darker colour (this is the dead cells), as the skin regenerates below it will certainly jettison or flake away.

How long does the blister last after treatment?

A blister might develop 2-24 hrs after the being frozen. Sores might take a number of days to dissolve. When a blister breaks, a crust will form over the lesion. Recovery happens from 1 to 6 weeks, depending upon depth of freeze and also dimension of lesion.

Does it hurt?

The feeling is similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the lesion, yet this vanishes quickly. Complying with the treatment, the skin lesion might become red as well as sore, and also there might be some blistering as well as occasionally a scab may develop.

How is cryosurgery much better than various other approaches of removing skin lesions?

Cryosurgery requires no anaesthesia as well as has much less scarring than other methods of skin lesion removal with very little post-op treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?

Over the list below days, a scab will often create as well as the lesion may end up being a little red and mad looking. This will typically solve over 1-6 weeks as well as the area continuing to be will usually go back to typical, although it is possible to establish a small area of scarring or change in skin colour. It is important not to pick at the scab as this might bring about scarring.

Adhering to treatment, it is regular to experience a recurring painful which can last for as much as a hr. Hereafter, the area will certainly usually become a little red, sore and also puffy and also a blister may develop. There may be some crying from the wound and a scab may develop. It is essential not to pick at the wound as this might result in scarring. As the wound heals, the skin lesion will certainly run out, assume a darker colour as well as dismiss in 1 to 2 weeks. It is extremely crucial not to pick at the area as this will certainly raise recovery time. Lesions treated on the legs often take a little even more time to heal. A follow up appointment will be made as well as further treatment used if essential.

What do I need to do after Cryo Pen treatment?

When you go through treatment at the Clinic, you will certainly be offered clear aftercare instructions. There is no actual downtime; frequently customers publication to have this treatment in their lunch break and return right back to work.

We do not advise covering the area with a dressing or plaster unless we have actually otherwise suggested you to do so. Recovery will certainly tend to happen over a 1 to 6 week duration. If you have any worries that the wound may look contaminated (boosting redness or pain, yellow discharge or puss) after that we would certainly ask you to book a consultation with us for a review at the earliest chance.

Question: Will there be scarring?

Generally cryosurgery leaves the least quantity of scarring of any form of lesion removal due to the fact that it causes the least damage to the connective tissue.

Just how permanent is the cure?

For many lesions, cryosurgery is a permanent removal. Some lesions are more challenging to remove than others. In more fragile places a much shorter freeze time with repeat treatments may be required to obtain a result with the least damage to the surrounding skin. In other circumstances a deep lesion may take several aggressive treatments to get final results. Specifically, warts that do not have pre-treatment might take numerous freezes.

What type of skin problems are most appropriate to freeze?

Almost any kind of unwanted skin lesions are appropriate such as warts, Benign Moles, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, keloids scars, age spots, solar lentigo, and cherry angioma.

What sorts of lesions should not be frozen?

All cancer malignancies as well as recurrent basal cell carcinomas. Cancer malignancy can spread out by any of numerous methods consisting of local, lymphatic and also blood. Additionally, Cancer malignancy will alter to a far more aggressive type if part of the lesion is left unnoticed. If reoccurrence is thought, Basil cell cancer is normally spread out by regional expansion as well as you might require a lot more considerable surgery.

Can anyone have cryotherapy?

Treatment is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those with auto-immune problems or cool sensitivity are not ideal for treatment. If you have truly dark skin, you might not desire to have cryosurgery, as it will kill the melanocytes around the treated area, making the skin in that area lighter. This simply indicates that you may need more sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart to remove your lesion rather than just one.